Dharma Triptych

Emptiness (空) is a matte white void framed by a single stripe of five colors, each representing one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas. The colors set the center apart from the world, providing a space for peaceful contemplation. Is the painting empty, or is it full? May the viewer be disarmed of preconceivements, any desire to act upon the void, or craving to see “something” there.

Rainbow Body (འཇའ་ལུས)
 is based on a Tibetan Buddhist symbol for the eponymous occurence of bodily dematerialization into radiant light. It is said that this phenomenon can be seen in two circumstances: (1) when a true masters achieves a peak state of meditation, his or her body will fluctuate between states of light and flesh, and (2) when a true master dies, his or her body will completely dematerialize into an apparition of rainbows, gracing the skies.

Awakening (बोधि) represents the emanation of color from the body of the Buddha at the moment he attained enlightenment. The central circle, like a halo, is for the viewer to picture his or her mind in the place of the Buddha’s, likewise emanating color, and likewise attaining enlightenment. The viewer may contemplate the color symbolism: blue is for the Spirit of Universal Compassion, yellow for the Middle Way, red for the Blessings of Practice, white for the Purity of Dhamma, and orange for the Wisdom of the Buddha’s Teachings.

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